I have a confession to make, I have an uncontrollable sweet tooth and I love bacon. So when I saw the new Dunkin Donuts "Sleeve of Bacon" menu item they added earlier this week I thought, Hmmm, Dunkin is making it impossible to drive right by them without a second thought. I mean, how can I? They got awesome donuts, great coffee and BACON. All the things I love in the morning.

Dunkins' "Snackin' Bacon" comes with eight half-slices of sweet black pepper bacon. Perfect for the morning snack if you're not into a sandwich to get you going. "Snackin' Bacon" is perfect for anytime of the day. I mean who can say no to BACON?

The worst part of this is that there are only a couple of Dunkins' around Central Texas: One in Harker Heights and one on Fort Hood. Plus the two in Waco. So snackin' on bacon at Dunkin may require a little bit of a drive, but it's worth it!

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