I was reading a great article in Men's Health about the return of the drive-in theatre. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, movie theatres across the country have shut down. Some are scheduled to reopen in July, but lots of people are calling for, and getting, the return of the drive-in.

According to the United Drive-In Theatre Owners Association, the 1950's were the peak for drive-ins,  with 4,000 theaters across the country. Today, that number is around 350 with 12 of those here in Texas.

It's been a while since the drive-in was a common go-to destination here in Central Texas, but there is one in Gatesville called The Last Drive-In Picture Show, and The Blue Starlite in Austin.

The drive-in has also changed it's approach, with many owners looking for ways to modernize the experience. From local food trucks to even offering live music concerts and comedy shows, it's a great way to spend a Friday or Saturday night for the entire family - all from the "comfort" of your own car.

They say everything old is new again. Let me know when the next showing of Grease is. I'm there! "Rockin and Rollin and What Not."

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