As the rain comes down in buckets and I place pen to paper, we all need to realize what could happen when we get too much rain.

Snakes, and their damn soulless teeth, are looking for a place to keep dry.

CNN reported that Rodney Copeland's home was one such place.

Sunday in Lawton, Oklahoma a snake wrapped itself around a porch light to get out of the rain. When Jerel Heywood, a friend of Mr. Copeland, walked up to the front door, the snake took umbrage and attacked. It bit the man in the head.

He thought...

"I got bit by a snake. Didn't know what kind it was. Have to get to the hospital."

Copeland and his wife brought Heywood to the hospital right after a neighbor, who heard the screams, brought over a hammer and killed the snake.

Turns out the snake wasn't venomous and Mr. Heywood is O.K.

And this is why you should never visit anyone...ever. Just stay inside and binge Netflix.


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