Cowboy fans, how you feelin' after that big win in Minnesota? Let's ride that all the way to the championship!

I know it sounds pretty far-fetched, but let's break this down a little.

We'll start with the big win in Minnesota. The Cowboys showed something they haven't showed in a long time: a real desire to win. In fact, it was their first win in 42 days, but who's counting?

The Red Rifle, Andy Dalton, threw 3 touchdown passes, Ezekiel Elliot had his first 100 yard game all season, and the Dallas D did just enough to get the team to 3-7 on the year. That's just a half game behind the first place Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East.

On the other side of that, 3-7 also lands the Cowboys in a three-way tie for last place in the division, and I'm sure the New York Giants and the Washington Football Team are also feeling good about their chances to win the division too.

The Cowboys have a chance to take a lead in the division with a win on Thursday, which is the Cowboys' annual Thanksgiving Day game against the Washington Football Team. After Thursday's game, the Cowboys will have 5 games remaining in their schedule.

The only game that looks like a loss is the game against the Baltimore Ravens on December 3rd. Other than that, they could actually win out. Doing so may win them the division and put them in the playoffs, and everybody knows the playoffs are a completely different beast. Anything can happen.

I'm pretty sure the Giants, Eagles, and Football Team are feeling the same way, but I like the Cowboys' chances of winning the division. It may be ugly, but somebody has to win the NFC East and I think it'll be the Cowboys.

All hope is not lost, but let's take this one game at a time. A win on Thanksgiving is next!

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