If you've Googled "coronavirus tips" recently, you may have seen this.  Google is promoting something called the "Do the Five" campaign to remind people about the main health tips everyone needs to follow to help slow the virus down.

I guarantee you've heard all five before, but the point is for more people to really make them a habit so they're worth repeating.

1.  Wash your hands more often.  At least 20 seconds with hot water and soap.
(Always wash after coughing or sneezing . . . before, during and after you prepare food . . . before eating . . . after using the bathroom . . . after handling animals or animal waste . . . and as a safety precaution when caring for the sick.)

2.  Cough into your elbow.  It's much better than coughing into your hands.

3.  Don't touch your face.  Especially when you're out in public.

4.  If you do have to go out, try to stay a minimum of three feet away from people.  Six-to-eight feet is even better.

5.  Stay home unless you absolutely HAVE to leave the house.  Buying groceries and supplies is okay, but try to limit your trips as much as possible.  And if you start feeling sick, don't go out at all.  Ask someone to help you.

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