My friend Jenn who is completely Irish and lives in Austin posted on Facebook this afternoon about the food traditions surrounding St. Patrick's Day. Specifically, she asked whether she could have corned beef, cabbage and potatoes without the corned beef and potatoes.

It got me to thinking about the lunch I had earlier this afternoon. Somehow, I inadvertently made a Texification adjustment by ordering what I ordered:

Corned Beef = BBQ Briskit

Potatoes = Potato Salad

Cabbage = Cole Slaw

Danger Brown's Dream Potato Salad Kickstarter Campaign
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Boom! There it is! A perfectly Texasized version of a traditional St. Patrick's Day celebratory meal, well within the reach of most Texans. I can't imagine where one would go to get the corned beef derivative unless you bought a Hormel and cooked it yourself.

My friend did mention she did not like potatoes at all. I was stunned by this but luckily there is a solution: Sweet Potatoes. How yummy those are! She likes those so now her St. Patrick's Day meal is complete!

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