Going from two lanes to four lanes in Belton.

I grew up in town that had no idea about expansion. I always joked that the founding city planners were big bootleggers and that they oversampled their product while they were planning the city. There was only a couple roads that went the length of the town in a North/South direction. They refused to expand one of them to 4 lanes because it would mean chopping down all the trees that lined the road. You do realize you can move the trees, right? Sorry. My fault for bringing logic to a city government discussion.

It was quicker to take the interstate into another town and around then it was to travel on the city road. I would be screaming in my car at the stupidity of it all. Too this day, those trees still stand, and the city has only gotten bigger. If you plan on your city growing, it's best to plan ahead. And of course, to be sober while you do it.

KWTX is reporting that a lot of attention is being focused in Belton on the recently approved Lake-to-Lake Road, but there's another expansion that's much closer to becoming a reality.

There's a 5 mile stretch of Loop 121 between FM 439 to Interstate 35, and crews will soon begin construction on it.

The plan is to make the two lane road into a four lane with plans too also include lanes for bikers and a path for pedestrians.

They did a study, as they always seem to do, and it said that traffic on the road will increase from around 16,000 vehicles per day in 2017 to nearly 24,000 per day by 2037. Time to expand.

The problem is that the proposed project would displace one residence and one storage shed.

The transportation agency will host a public meeting on October 18th at 5:30 p.m. with an open house session to begin at  6:30 p.m.

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