Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider said he was preparing to direct a horror movie from a script he wrote, titled My Enemy’s Enemy.

It’s one of two films he’s scheduled to direct in the coming months. My Enemy’s Enemy is based on a real-life crime spree that took place in his native Long Island in 1982.

The projects follow the 1998 horror film Strangeland, which he wrote.

My Enemy's Enemy is powerfully disturbing,” Snider told Metal Casino in a new interview. “People said to me, after Strangeland, why didn't I do something else? …I didn't have an idea; I didn't wanna just do something typical.”

He said he recalled a "crime committed where I grew up on Long Island in 1982. It's considered the most horrible of crimes in the history of the area where I grew up. Each of the people convicted got 365 years in prison — each — for the crime.”

While he didn’t confirm the event in question, it’s possible he's talking about the moment in May 1982 when five young men entered three separate locations on Long Island and terrorized more than 100 people, committing dozens of sexual assaults and thefts. They were eventually convicted of 817 crimes.

You can listen to the interview below.

“I don't wanna give away too much at this point,  but I said, ‘What if, when this crime was happening, a Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees showed up — someone who was more evil?’" Snider said.

"My Enemy's Enemy is about, Can we join each other, when we're enemies, to fight a greater enemy? If you've just had horrible things done to you by people … could you work with them to fight somebody who was even more horrible? So, it's based on a true story, but then I just went with what I call the X factor and go into fantasy world. ... I think people are gonna be very disturbed, but they’re gonna enjoy it.”

The second movie project, he said, was a rewriting of “a cult classic from the ‘80s” that he might also direct. Snider also noted he recently sent his first novel to a publisher and was hoping for developments in the near future.


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