Once in a while, it's nice to take a break from all the grim, grisly news floating around and just appreciate the good in the world. It did my heart good to run across this fantastic story from the BBC.

Ivor is a ten-month-old Saffordshire puppy who happens to be deaf. According to a BBC Radio report, Ivor's been given away by five previous owners because he was unable to comprehend commands and instructions.

Fortunately for Ivor, there were people who refused to give up on him, and he picked up some sign language while in the custody of the RSPCA. His new human, Ellie Bromilow, kept the teaching up, and says Ivor now understands "come", "sit", "lie down", and "stay", and he's working on "roll over". Not bad for a baby!

Check out this fantastic video of Ivor in action. We hope it brings some light and positivity to your day.

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