Whomever is handling the advertising for Kentucky Fried Chicken - okay, KFC - has totally missed an opportunity. For this recent rollout of their new Georgia golden chicken flavot, featuring the kernel painted gold, they should have hired Shirley Bassey to sing at the top of her lungs "GOLD-CHICKEN!" (WHA-WA-WA-WA-WAAAAHHH!)

OK, so I was watching James Bond on BBC America while having my KFC chicken lunch this afternoon. I thought it was funny.

What's no laughing matter is how good this new menu item tastes. I thought the Colonel had outdone himself with that Nashville hot chicken which was rolled out a couple of years back.  This chicken is similar: take an extra crispy peace and instead of dipping it into red hot sauce à la Nashville chicken, dip it into a sweet and spicy honey mustard glaze. You talk about good!

So good that I had to go back to try to again. Saturday I had ordered two pieces only one of which in the Georgia Gold flavor. The other was my usual extra crispy.  You know the kernels on the something good when the usual doesn't cut it anymore.

Less than 24 hours later I was back. My observations:

The first taste was the best. It was absolute perfection. For whatever reason, the pieces less than a day later we're not as good.  Oh sure, they were tiny and tasty. But I found the more recent pieces had too much salt.

I was also given two different meal deals. Saturday, I was allowed to take two sides coleslaw and mashed potatoes be what I chose. On Sunday, one side order on the meal deal was had for almost the same price. Bizarre.

But after was all said and done, it was some of the tastiest chicken I've had in a long time. Plus they're selling coupon books to help benefit our ill and injured veterans. That's the best dollar you'll spend all day long.

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