A lot of folks were using the back roads with all the Interstate construction going on. But now the back roads are getting delayed as well.

So you better get used to delays on the Belton Dam for the next 90 days or so. It's not shut down, but it is reduced to one lane traffic.

That means someone is getting paid to the be the "Follow Me" car.

"What did you do today?"

"Drove over the Belton Dam at least 100 times. I'll be doing it again tomorrow."

Of course whenever someone says they're making repairs to the Dam, we should be grateful. Especially if you live downstream.

According to News Channel 25, The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers claim that this past year's heavy rains has caused some of the material, of which the dam is made of, to slide down. (Insert fear here.)

They are actually installing traffic lights to indicate when you can travel on the dam. Green means go, Red means stop and wait.

Belton and Stillhouse Hollow Lakes lead ranger said to be sure to proceed cautiously. "We're going to have contractors and people in close vicinity to the road, so we want to make sure they're out there trying to complete their job and make sure they're safe as well as the public traveling through that road."

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