When the State Fair is a family tradition, it can get weird when a member of the family is over a hundred years old.

According to KHOU, Riohard Boone of Lake Highlands attended his first State Fair at the age of two weeks. It was 1916.

He has attended the fair every year, except when it wasn't held during WWI and WWII. He loves to go visit Big Tex and to get a corny dog. No need for all the fancy fried concoctions - the oldest and most traditional is the best. The visit with Big Tex and corny dog is Mr. Boone's definition of a good day.

You would think that being over 100 he'd be on a scooter, but you'd be wrong. All he needs is a cane. Oh, and he plans on using a scooter...a few years down the line. He's already looking forward to next years corny dog.

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