With the spring season right on the horizon, fast food chain Dairy Queen took to their Instagram page with a special that may grab your attention.

From now until March 17th, Dairy Queen is offering a special on one of their sweet treats that they are beyond notable for.

Dairy Queen will be offering their Blizzard treats for the special rate of buy one, get one for 99 cents.

Yes, you read that correctly - buy one Blizzard, and get a second one for 99 cents.

Dairy Queen said on the Instagram post, "I am the Buy One Get One for 99¢ BLIZZARD Treat Deal at DQ. So grab a BFF, BF, SO, or BAE ASAP. Because deals this delicious are LTO, AKA limited-time only. Now through March 17th."

Make sure you and that special someone go to Dairy Queen, and make the most of this great offer!

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