20 acres of property burned Sunday night in Temple.

Via Marco Revuelta/KWTX
Via Marco Revuelta/KWTX

KWTX is reporting that a large grass fire burned Sunday night near the Draughon-Miller Texas Regional Airport.

Rescue Fire Chief Mitch Randles said of the fire..."We received reports of several grass fires along Highway 36, from Temple Fire Station #8 all along into Moffat. There was no damage to any buildings, planes, or vehicles. What's being speculated at this time because of the number of fires and how they occurred is that we believe that it was caused by a vehicle traveling along Highway 36, whether it was some sort of mechanical malfunction or a chain being dragged down, but we're not sure yet, we're still investigating."

The big one took more than 20 units from nine different departments to contain the fire. Thankfully no injuries have been reported.

Keep in mind this week to 10 days, since we're going to be over the century mark, we're living in one big kindling box. Lets try to not burn our neighborhood down.

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