Coldest weather of the year expected this weekend. Time to grab the cookie sheets.

You all remember Honeycomb cereal? It was tasty treat to start a crappy school day. If you've ever wondered how you could capture that "honeycomb" look in your cookies, well let me tell you..."Bubble wrap".

Maybe you're feeling a bit "randy" and want a unique way to tell the wife you'd like to give her a pearl necklace. Well, you need to start with some Shell Cookies. But how do you get your cookies to look like a seashell. That's easy. Tupperware.

Everyone loves peanut butter cookies, but you get a little board with the crossing fork design. Well this weekend breakout your glassware. Try smashing down the peanut butter cookie balls with the bottom of the glasses.

Here's a great video with 12 neat (whitest word ever) ways to create some weekend cookie treats. Enjoy.


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