It seems us non-cable people will be getting a new channel in May.

If you're like me you didn't even realize that Court TV was gone. I mean, there's so damn many court shows on out there, you just assumed it was all part of Court TV.

Nope. Court TV has been off the air for 10 years. But they're coming back in May. is reporting that it'll be part to the CW group from Katz Networks.

Now, usually news of a new channel would interest me as much a three-prong fork enema. But they're coming to a non-cable channel as well.

I've been off of the cable for going on 4 years now. The only time I thought about going back was when we lost our PBS channel. But because of that us non-cable folks have gotten some good stuff in place of it.

START TV a few months back. GRIT TV a few weeks back came up on 25-2. And now, in May, Court TV will hit the air on 25-4.

I don't see myself watching it much since court shows bore the bejesus out of me, but it's nice to have options that are free to the public.

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