Next time you're in San Antonio, you might want to take up a challenge. The "Texas Ranger" at Lulu's.

The "Texas Ranger" is a 21 oz Chicken Fried Steak. Finish it in under 12 minutes and it's free! Don't know if that's an incentive or not.

Huge! Chicken Fried Steak! #lulu #sanantonio

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Of course, if you come in your own ambulance then maybe it might be worth it.

Even though I'm always the biggest person in the room, I didn't get this way by doing things like this. Could I finish a 21 oz chicken fried steak? Of course Don't be silly. It's just that I enjoy food, and scarfing down this beauty in 12 minutes or less would be an insult to the meal.

Since Lulu's is just minutes from the River Walk, you could chuck this thing down, then walk it off in one of America's most scenic locations. Now, if you don't want a chicken fried steak, you might want to try Lulu's cinnamon roll. It's a good desert...for a family of six.

Three pound cinnamon roll because everything truly is bigger in Texas, y'all.   A post shared by Emma Fingleton (@gotadilemma) on

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