Greetings, my fellow skate park parents and skater friends. I was made aware that the Condor Skate Park in Killen, Texas is closing. Don't fret, because it won't be closing for good. It will be closing for at least three months, making room for a NEW Conder skate park.

While You Wait To Skate

The skate park will be closed for skating starting around the middle of November and a new skate park will built. While under construction, you don’t have to hang up your board and go those few months skate-less though. You can still grab your board and fire up the Vans by going to the the skate park over at Long Branch Park. They have it lit up over there until 10pm.

Make The Most Of It Before It Closes

The good news is, Conder is not closed yet. You still have some time to get out there and continue to practice and show off your tricks before the project begins. The  community is excited about this renovation project, so go get your skate on and make some memories before all the exciting changes take place.  I may have to get out there with my kids and hit a couple ramps myself. Ok, maybe I will just stick to watching, lol.

There are more park projects coming up soon. You can keep up and learn more about them all, here. Download our free app and send us your before and after photos so we can post them. K-Lew out!

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