It's back...condom snorting. No, it's kinda not.

First off, do NOT snort condoms up your nose.

Youtube has started limiting or eliminating some Tide Pod Challenge videos so the kids have moved on to this. The idea is to snort the condom up your nose so that you can pull it out of your mouth. The issue here is why is this a story because there just isn't much evidence this is the giant "social media trend" it is said to be. The video below makes some great points on this.

"Chances are your 14-year-old was 9 when this was popular and doesn't even know what this is."

If you scan the web you think you'd find an overwhelming amount of evidence from video uploads of people doing this. What seems to show up videos from 4 or 5 years ago. Here's one from 2015.

USA Today says social media posts of people doing this is what is fueling the comeback but they don't show examples from 2018. Comebacks are usually happening right now.

Click 2 Houston says it's an appearing online trend but they've got material from 3 and 4 years ago. At this point, I don't even wanna look up any additional footage of people snorting condoms. We did look around enough to know that it's being made out to be more than it really is.

Let's hope that the news cycle picks up heading into the weekend.

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