Join me on K101.7 Monday morning at 7:20 when we will give you the first details of the new way to win big during the month of April. That's about all I can tell you right now about it  except that I truly feel you're going to be relieved at how much easier it is for you to get involved with the big money contest.

Let me remind you of what you had to do previously to win some money. Every morning at 7:20 I would tell you the first time in which you would need be tuned in.  Around that time, you'd be listening for a Soundr of some kind that would tell you now is the time to call in and potentially win. That first time changed every day,  it wouldn't be uniform. Once that first cash prize has been given away, immediately following we would tell you  when you need to tune in again for your next chance to win. Again, this would not be the same time every day. Only those who are completely tuned in at those times would have a chance to win.

Well, I can tell you I'm very aware that modern life sometimes doesn't allow for you to stop everything you're doing in order to listen for a sound and then dial-in in the hopes of winning. Wouldn't you like to have a game with chances to win with odds better than that? Of course you would!  I think we've made an adjustment to our "grand in your hand" contest that you will like. Quite simply, it will be more convenient for you to play and win.

I can say no more! Tuning Monday morning at 7:20 and I'll tell you all you need to know. Enjoy your weekend. 



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