Good news donut lovers in Killeen!

Tim Boyle, Getty Images
Tim Boyle, Getty Images

Dunkin Donuts appeared in Killeen in 2015, kind of. They opened on Fort Hood, so you needed a Defense Department I.D. to get your fix.

Killeen Daily Herald is reporting that the city has issued a permit for construction of a new Dunkin' Donuts at 2250 Clear Creek Road. It will share space with a Baskin Robbins. Wow! Donuts and Ice Cream in one place. Get ready hips, you'll be expanding very soon.

This day and age of getting everyone sucking down caffeine at an early age so the healthcare industry can make more money, I sure people are more excited about the fact they can now get Dunkin' Donut coffee. Plus, the P.C. card will be easy to play because they'll have vegan options.

In other news, the city also approved a permit for yet another Taco Bell to be built at 1318 West Stan Schlueter Loop.

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