Temple Parks & Recreation is accepting nominations for the Youth Baseball, Youth Softball and Adult Softball Walks of Fame. These Walks of Fame pay tribute to individuals and organizations who have contributed to the growth and success of softball and baseball in Temple. Everyone is invited and encouraged to submit nominations for potential honorees.

“These three Walks of Fame are permanent features within our athletic complexes that allow us to honor outstanding players, coaches and supporters of softball and baseball in our community,” said Parks and Recreation Athletic Coordinator, Tracy Klusacek in a release. “They are located near the entrances of the complexes and add character to our athletic venues.”

Potential Walk of Fame recipients can be nominated in one of two categories.

The first category honors players, coaches, umpires, volunteers or administrators who have contributed to the success of softball or baseball in Temple. Nomination criteria considered in this category include: promoting the game of softball through participation and the demonstration of good sportsmanship, devoting time as a coach or assisting in player development, officiating or score keeping games, or participating in softball or baseball at a regional, state, national or professional level.

The second category recognizes businesses or individuals that have made a substantial contribution to the sports of baseball or softball in Temple. The contribution can be in the form of donated property, financial contribution or both. Nomination criteria considered for this category include: sponsorship of teams or leagues, underwriting player fees or donating property for field or player development.

Nominations for induction into the 2017 Temple Youth Baseball, Temple Youth Softball or the Adult Softball Walk of Fame must be submitted in writing to Temple Athletic Coordinator, Tracy Klusacek, by Friday, March 10, 2017. The Walk of Fame Committee will review all nominations and make recommendations to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board for final approval. Nomination forms can be found online.

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