I had some tasty chicken fried chicken at our company Christmas party, which got me thinking what else would be good.

A quick chicken fried treat would be chicken fried bacon. Yes, take a moment and let your taste buds salivate over that idea.

Here are two ways of doing it.

It's pretty simple. Get the bacon. Heat the oil.

Set up a station of flour.

Set up a station of egg wash.

If you want, add a step and dip it in panko bread crumbs.

I don't care what sort of pinko, liberal, pretentious, hypocritical party you may end up going to - once you break out the chicken fried bacon, the redneck in everyone will start to shine bright.

They'll start to avoid the cauliflower pizza bites and the tofu soy chips and start mowing down the bacon. For those who don't, just sit and stare at them and allow your pity to ooze out of you. For extra ooze, be sure to make the gravy.

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