Make no mistake: this cheerleader does not have a spare tire on her frame.

Men, are you afraid of a cheerleader who can turn a tractor tire like this? I'll bet you are!

Too often, we see click bait online that involves just one or two tips to achieving the physical fitness results we all crave. And these posts are all crap  because we know the limitations our bodies place upon us. If fitness were easy, if hotness were just a matter of one or two adjustments, then why the hell do we look like we do?!

Bluntly, we have to be zealous. Maniacs.  N-tense and X-treme (I hate those d-bag words).  Anything short of full on grunting in the gym isn't cutting it. Well, OK, maybe not. You get the idea though.

Cheerleaders are true athletes. There's a lot of political BS behind not classifying cheerleading as a sport.  Indeed, it is one of the single biggest debates in cheerleading today. An authority no less learned then the American Medical Association has weighed in on the issue saying it believes cheerleading is as athletic as football basketball soccer track etc.

Let's face it: everybody wants to date a cheerleader and it's not because of the outfits.  You know how the world works: cheerleaders must stay in shape to keep their competitive advantage.

Witness 22-year-old Madison who cheers for the Houston Texans. That big old tire is how she burns it off. Dig:

BONUS:  The cheerleaders' workout,  which has gone viral.


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