According to a press release, the Belton ISD Board of Trustees will add three teacher in-service/student holiday days to the 2021 calendar. Those dates are Jan. 5, March 1, and April 26.

Those additional days will allow for more teacher planning and professional development.

According to deputy superintendent Malinda Golden, “It’s a different kind of school year, we’re asking our teachers to manage students in multiple learning environments - sometimes simultaneously - and they’ve stepped up to the challenge.”

This past October, teachers gave feedback on the different challenges they were facing.

“We heard our teachers,” Golden said. “To continue delivering the quality education that Belton ISD is known for, they need more time to plan together and further develop their skills. This revision to our calendar will allow that and ultimately benefit our students the most.”

“We’re utilizing all the resources in our toolbox to continue to support teachers,” she said. “This is requiring some creativity, but it’s worth it to be able to keep offering exceptional learning to our students.”

In addition to the changes to the calendar, they also approved an early dismissal day for secondary students on January 22. Belton ISD will also keep in place early release days on most Wednesdays that were approved in the fall.

Belton ISD also recognized the Crossroads Church as a Big Red Community Partner. Crossroads Church is doing the “Take a Tag, Bless a Child” campaign that will help fill the Christmas wish list and clothing needs in the Project Heartbeat Angel Project, which will supply clothing to more than half of the 308 homeless, foster and host family children participating in the district’s project.

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