There're about 140 dogs that need your help. Otherwise, some may have to be euthanized.

This is terrible news. Our news partners at KWTX-TV report that the Waco Animal Shelter has about 140 dogs available for adoption or fostering, and if they don't find homes soon, some may be euthanized.

How can we let this happen?

Dogs offer so much to their human companions like love, comfort, and joy. When you're feeling down, they're always glad to see you, and there's a reason they are called "man's best friend." It's because a dog becomes a member of your family.

Humane Society of Central Texas Executive Director Paula Rivadeneira told KWTX:

“It’s just a matter of us having so many animals here, we don’t want to make any difficult decisions about animals having to be put to sleep because of space, because that’s ridiculous.”

Some of the dogs have been there since March, the start of the pandemic. Rivadeneira says one good option is fostering. Fostering is great for those who are unable to own a dog ,and fostering a dog for even a week gives the dog a chance to get out of the shelter and decompress.

“Some animals only need a week, because maybe they’re going to a rescue in a week, or they’re getting spayed or neutered and they’re going to be adopted,” Rivadeneira says.

The weather in Central Texas this weekend is perfect to get outdoors and do something. Maybe a trip to the Waco Animal Shelter could be planned. To find out more about fostering or adopting a dog, visit the humane society website.

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