After 15 years, DNA evidence leads to the indictment of man already in prison in Waco, Texas.

55 year old Gilberto Zapata Ortiz was singled out in McLennan County for the murder of Pamela Moore in 2004.

Moore was 40 years old and struggling when she met Ortiz. Ortiz became angry during their relationship and strangled Moore to death in Waco.

“It was the best DNA test I’ve ever seen,” said Chief McLennan County Deputy David Kilcrease.

However, Ortiz is already currently serving a prison sentence from 1995 in Harris County for the murder of his brother-in-law in 1990.

Ortiz was furious when he saw his wife and her brother dancing together, so when he arrived at his home that night he retrieved his gun and went to kill his wife's brother.

Ortiz will have a chance at parole for the conviction in 2025. However, do the people of Central Texas really need someone who has been connected to two different murders walking the streets.



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