A local police department is looking for some help on a case.

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Sometimes you hear about something happening that takes you by surprise. It makes you think a moment or two.

"I got yelled at at work. What a bad day."

Perspective. Being yelled at, or being shot in the face - I think you can guess which one really is a bad day. I mean really, suddenly being yelled at work is a good thing.

"Thank God I was yelled at at work. I could've been shot in the face!"

KWTX is reporting that a man was shot in the face by a small caliber weapon Thursday afternoon.

It happened in Cameron. Officers responded to a 911 report of a shooting in the 1600 block of North Crockett Street.

The victim was identified ast Keelon Williams, 26, of Calvert. He was reported as being responsive at the scene, which is frightening to think about. He was taken to Baylor Scott & White in Temple.

Investigators are asking anyone with information to contact the Cameron Police Department at 254-697-6574.

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