If you want to raise a family in Texas then you need to look at coming to Central Texas.

Via SmartAsset.com
Via SmartAsset.com

The mortgage company SmartAsset.com checked out 87 Texas cities and came away with Leander as the best in the state.

They looked at poverty rates, monthly housing costs, housing appreciation rates, graduation rates, medium income, percent of the population younger than 20, AP exams and results, and unemployment and crime rates.

Leander came in first mainly because the AP exam. 33% of students take at least one exam and of those, 73% scored 3 or higher.

Georgetown is no longer for retired people. The city is growing so much that it came in 8th on the list. Property taxes was a major ding for them though.

Round Rock has a great graduation rate and low housing cost. Plus there's the Donuts. It came in 9th.

Cheers to Central Texas for being a great place to raise a family, inspite of road construction...and Killeen. (To soon?)



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