Remember the days when you would drive around looking for the cheapest gas you could find? I mean, I'd drive an extra mile or two out of my way just to save an extra 3 cents a gallon. Those days weren't that long ago, like less than two months ago.

COVID-19 has it's fingerprints on everything right now practically shutting down our country and the rest of the world as we try to "flatten the curve" and the effects of the pandemic are far reaching.

Hunter King with the Killeen Daily Herald reports that gas prices across the country have dropped dramatically over the last several weeks. According to AAA, “Low crude prices due to COVID-19 and lower demand for gas, as Americans continue to social distance, have helped to push pump prices lower,”

Nationally, gas prices are around $1.88 a gallon which is just under a dollar less than the average price per-gallon a year ago. Here in Central Texas it's even cheaper. According to GasBuddy, prices in Bell County are at an average of $1.65 a gallon. I see it for even less in the different places I drive by.

Check out GasBuddy to find the lowest prices near you.

The low prices are a welcome sight for essential workers still making their daily commutes. For those staying home, they're at least some relief for those times when you have to leave to shop for essential and fuel up on the way home.

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