Some people like to share a common location when getting married. Others pick a common destination for the honeymoon. A Central Texas couple picked the same date for their wedding.

6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 6th.

According to KWTX, that was the date that Jim Seidensticker and Nicki Gabrovic knew they wanted as their wedding date. Because that's the date that their parents got married. Both of them.

Nicki's parents tied the knot 47 years before on September 6th. And Jim's parents were married on September 6th 51 years ago.

It seems they took a lot of stock in the fact that both of their parents got married on that date, and their marriage has lasted all this time. So now all three couples share an anniversary together.

I'm thinking a present swap much like "Secret Santa" is in order.

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