Time to take a Central Texas BBQ Tour.

Summer in Texas. What to do, What to do.

Unlike our northern friends and relatives, summer is a time to avoid outdoor activity. At least in July and August. Like the northern folk try to stay indoors in the winter, we only come out in the summer when the occasion calls for it. And, being fat, food is one of those occasions.

There's nothing better in Texas than BBQ. The folks at the Texas Bucket List were asked to take a tour by the folks at Texas Tourism a few years back for BBQ. How could anyone say no, especially Texans.

They hopped in the vehicle and went to the heart of Texas and spent 2 days stuffing their tummies with BBQ from Valentina's in Austin. And like many great places in Austin, it started as a food truck, and now they have a store to travel to. It's well worth it if you love a nice smoked brisket taco.

They also went to Kreuz in Lockhart, Texas. They serve up BBQ so good, that you don't need sauce, or forks.

Then it was off to Lexington to hit Snow's BBQ. They open every Saturday and serve till it's gone. Get there early, and by that we mean Sunday night, because the line is long.

Hop skipped and jumped to Taylor, Texas for a taste experience from Louie Mueller BBQ. You don't stay open since 1949 serving up garbage. Nope, you need to be one of the best ever.

So if there's a break in the heat this summer, or maybe make a road trip plan before July, maybe you should map out a BBQ Trip.

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