Canadian health officials are suggesting you wear masks during sex.

I agree it's always the best practice to have safe sex, but wearing a mask while doing the naughty is giving the term "safe sex" a whole new meaning.

KXXV Channel 25 reports that Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, offered some tips on staying safe while engaging in sexual activities.

She said:

“Sexual health is an important part of our overall health, however, sex can be complicated in the time of COVID-19, especially for those without an intimate partner in their household or whose sexual partner is at higher risk for COVID-19.”

So to be fair, she is talking about having sex with someone outside your household. She also suggests to avoid kissing and face-to-face contact. She even goes as far as saying to avoid alcohol and drug use so you're able to make a good and safe decision.

Dr. Theresa Tam has a point. Alcohol and drugs can lead to bad decisions no matter what you're doing. Hooking up with someone outside your household is also dangerous right now because there really is no way to monitor where they've been and with whom that person's been with.

Dr. Tam goes on to say:

“Current evidence indicates there is a very low likelihood of contracting the novel coronavirus through semen or vaginal fluids. However, even if the people involved do not have symptoms, sexual activity with new partners does increase your risk of getting or passing COVID-19 through close contact, like kissing. Remember as with all social interactions, try to keep your number of close contacts low if possible.”

Better safe than sorry, so mask up!

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