Sitting at home trying to do school work can be challenging. So many distractions at home to keep you from actually focusing on the work you have to get done like the TV, the family pet, access to your phone and of course, parents. Yep, lots of parents working from home to during the pandemic, which makes getting the work of any kind challenging. So now Burger King is offering a reward for the kids.

USA Today reports that Burger King has free Whoppers for students who are home-schooling during the coronavirus pandemic. But they'll have to complete an assignment.

Student will need to place their order through the Burger King app and solve a question or equation to unlock the promo code for their free burger. This promotion runs from today, Monday, April 13th, through next Monday, April 20th. Burger King will release a new question every day in different subjects including math, biology, chemistry, and literature. Get the answer right, get a free whopper with any purchase, limit of one free whopper per student.

Students will also need to follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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