A 4 year old boy in Garceño Texas fell down a 44 foot deep dry well. It took rescuers six hours to get him out.

According to a report from CBSDFW, The incident happened on Tuesday, December 8 while the boy was walking with his family. The Edinburg Fire Department responded to the call and was able to get the boy out. Edinburg Fire Chief Shawn Snider said, “It [the well] was actually 44 feet deep and the child had fallen 9 and a half feet into that hole. There was only one way to extract this child and not back the way they came — we had to dig a hole adjacent too the original hole.”

That wasn't nearly as easy as it may seem as according to Mission Fire Department Assistant Chief Robert Alvarez, “The soil got to the point where it turned into almost like a shale rock, so shovels weren’t being effective anymore and we had to turn to the pneumatic tools. As you are breaking up the soil you also have to take it out of the hole too, cause if not, you are just collecting more dirt in there. Any vibration, any wrong strike of a shovel could cause more soil to fall into the hole where the victim was.”

The rescuers were able to tie a rope around the boys hands to keep him from falling any further into the well while fire and police personnel use pneumatic hammers and vacuums to suck the dirt out.

Eventually firefighters reached the boy, put a harness around him and pulled him up. He was air lifted to a local hospital where he was said to be in stable condition.

The well was filled with dirt following the rescue.

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