Bosses Pizza in Temple has been one of our favorite lunchtime haunts for a while now. We've braved I-35 construction zones and rush time traffic countless times to get there, and we'd have happily done so forever. (Given the pace of the highway project, that was always a possibility.) Today, we were heartbroken to learn that Bosses will close its doors for good on Friday, December 15.

Citing personal health issues, the franchise owner announced the closure on Facebook.

Personally, I'm going to miss the spinach and chicken pizza the most. There's something so incredibly satisfying about scooping up a slice of that fresh pie and ending up with a mile-long rope of melty cheese on your plate. And what other lunch buffet in town offers Kool-Aid and RC on tap as drink options? C'mon!

The atmosphere at Bosses is fun, clean, and inviting, and the staff have always been great to us.

To everyone at Bosses, thank you for so many fantastic lunches. You will be sorely missed.

To those who've never been to Bosses, we recommend stopping by before they close the doors for the last time and giving them a try. You won't be sorry. They're located at 1323 S 57th St in Temple, just across from Cavender's and Aaron's.

TSM Photo
TSM Photo

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