A girl reported missing in Odessa was found hidden inside an 18-wheeler at the Laredo North Border Crossing Station late last week.

In a Facebook post dated August 28, US Border Patrol Laredo Sector reported that the girl was "concealed inside a tractor-truck at the I-35 checkpoint". The agency did not share the girl's identity, presumably due to her age and wanting to keep her safe. Kudos to them.

The driver of the truck was taken into custody by the Webb County Sheriff's Office, who are also helping the child. [H/T KNUE]

According to the Texas Comptroller's Office, in 2018 alone about 2.3 million northbound trucks were handled at the Laredo port of entry. Again, that's just the northbound trucks. It really makes you wonder what border agents haven't been able to detect despite their best efforts.

US Border Patrol Laredo Sector didn't release further information, but wrote, "agents continue to be diligent every day in protecting the safety of our citizens and preventing potential tragedy."

Those border agents in Laredo stay busy for sure. On August 27, they found about $4 million worth of marijuana stacked around a warehouse near the Rio Grande. Four days earlier, they helped seize over $3.3 million worth of meth at the Juarez-Lincoln Bridge, and on the 26th and 27th agents in Pharr, TX  seized thousands of dollars worth of meth and cocaine from a commercial truck and a jeep.

Busting meth and coke smugglers is great and all, but let's hope they start busting more human smugglers. (They did recently help shut down a "stash house".)

Meanwhile, U.S. Marshals recently reported the success of a two-week projected called "Operation Not Forgotten", which rescued 39 missing kids in the areas of Atlanta and Macon. Get the details on that operation below.

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39 Missing Children Found in Two-Week Rescue Operation in Georgia

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