Just when you thought the case of the Blue Bell ice cream licker had come to a close a copy cat licker has sprung up in Louisiana.

36-year-old Lenise Martin was dumb enough to have someone film him while he opened the freezer at a store, took the top off the ice cream and licked it, then returned it to the freezer. Blue Bell and Police across the south just ain't having this y'all. In fact, Assumption Parish Sheriff's Officers say they have already found this man and arrested him.

The copy cat licker can be seen in the video above licking the top of a Blue Bell ice cream tub, sticking his finger in it, licking it again, and putting it back in the freezer. 'Merica!

According to BRProud News - NBC Local 33 / Fox44 Martin has been charged with tampering with property along with the unlawful posting of criminal activity for notoriety. That sounds like a new charge they have just made up for the internet and dumb asses on social media. Let's hope it sticks.

Just when you thought the juvenile teen in Lufkin was the dumbest person online this summer, Louisianna steps up. Congrats, Lenise Martin.

Is everyone just about done buying Ice Cream from the store after this? Will this be the summer of copy cats? We will have to wait and see if these constant mentions in the news help Blue Bell sales or will folks avoid it altogether to keep from buying ice cream that has been licked?

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