Oh come on Texas, do you really want to do this?

So-called "Family Advocates" are pushing to abolish no-fault divorce in Texas. If they get their way, couples seeking a divorce would need a good reason and the presiding judge would need to concur.

The state rep and lawyer interviewed also want to impose a six month waiting period (!) to divorce if they had children and require couples to attend counseling.

If this strikes you as s bit much, its because it's a hardline position taken by the leading social conservatives in the state. So hardline, the CDC in Atlanta says the majority of separations in Texas wouldn't past muster.

Certainly some folks in Mexico would love to see this rule enacted, Quickie Divorce Courts and Instant marriage Chapels would spring up along the border on the other side. Maybe that would be a better source for funds to build a wall: a tax on entry and exit near one of these honeymoon palaces!

Richard Seagraves, Getty Images
Richard Seagraves, Getty Images

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