I went on vacation over the holiday, and I found a new level of "crazy".


I was raised in the upper Midwest. Winters in North Dakota truly have to be experienced. When the Jet Stream drops down from Canada the temperature call fall 50 degrees. No big deal if you start at 100 degrees, but we were usually in the single digits at the time.

I went on a trip once from Minot to Devils Lake for a long weekend. We were having and Indian Summer. Meaning it was in the 50s in February. I went into a bar around 2 p.m. When I left the bar at 10 p.m. it was 25 below zero. My car was frozen. It wouldn't start. I was stuck in Devils Lake for 3 days before the car thawed out enough to travel. A young man took his big brother to the airport that weekend. He was dressed in shorts and a tee shirt. Why wouldn't he be, it was 50 above. He crash into a snowbank on the way back. The temp dropped and by the time they found him he had frostbite so bad they had to amputate some fingers and toes.

Proving that living up north year round is crazy.

In 2011 we had close to 3 months of 100 plus days in Texas. There were rolling blackouts because of all the power being used up. My folks came to visit that summer. They stayed for a week. They had talked about buying a house and retiring here. After that week they never talk about moving anymore.

Proof that there's a "heat" crazy.

I drove home over Thanksgiving, and I found a new crazy. The central plain states. Nebraska, and Kansas. They get a touch of the cold from the north, the heat from the south, and the snow and ice from the Rocky Mountains. Why in the hell would anyone live there? Jesus people. Pick your poison. Snow and cold, or heat and humidity. They're a bunch of damn gluttens. They want it all. Every season, every day.

Proof that those people are the craziest.

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