Beware of any unwanted or unexpected text messages, as there is a new scam out there.

Just a heads up that if you receive a text saying “We found a parcel from March owed to you. Kindly assume ownership and confirm for delivery here.”, delete it immediately.

It's a scam.

According to a report shared by our news partners at KWTX, hackers are even using the recipient's real name in the text and including a potentially dangerous link.

Dave Hatter, a Tech Expert from Cincinnati's FOX19, says:

“The bad news is we see these giant data breaches all over the place. That information is sold from one hacker to another, they buy this stuff off the dark web, and they build these giant dossiers on people. The bad guys collect this, they sell it, and then they use it in social engineering attacks through phishing, through smishing and these text-based messages. In some cases, they’ll even make phone calls, and they have a lot of information about you so they can make the call seem more legitimate.”

DON"T CLICK ON THE LINK! If you do, hackers can do more than collect your information. Just delete the text immediately.

With our phones having become basically extensions of our arms and brains lately, it's more important than ever that we not get duped by people trying to scam us with fake package, prizes, and threats of legal action.

The Federal Trade Commission has some great information on how these scams work and what types of scams are most common. If you think someone's trying to grift you or you're a victim of a scam, let the FTC know on their reporting site. If you're getting scam calls or calls from companies that won't stop blowing up your phone and leaving annoying robovoicemails, get yourself added to the Do Not Call List.

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