This particular article Central Texas is near and dear to my heart because as a parent myself, I truly feel it’s important that we have these uncomfortable conversations with our children.


Tiki Tok/ Canva
Tiki Tok/ Canva


There is a drug that is making its way through Texas referred to as Rainbow Fentanyl. Rainbow Fentanyl has already taken the lives of young teenagers all over the United States. I truly felt like it was my job to help get the news out as soon as possible. Rainbow Fentanyl is a very deadly drug that is taking our children one by one. When you actually see the drug itself, it definitely gives off the assumption that it is not harmful, is very colorful, and looks like candy - something any child would think is non-threatening.

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This dangerous drug mimics the very popular candy SweetTart, but there is nothing sweet about the deaths and damages it is causing. As the Halloween holiday gets a little closer, I couldn’t help but think what if some sick individual decides to serve this dangerous drug to our children for Halloween? I remember growing up and my parents would check my candy for razors but this is another level of evil that can kill you instantly. Parents, I beg you to watch the signs and keep an eye out for this dangerous drug it could be the gap between saving a child’s life and ending one, stay safe out there and keep your eyes open!

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