The last time a Democrat won the presidential election in Texas it was 1976.


Which means it's been over 40 years since a Democrat has won the Lone Star state, but former Texas Congressman Beto O' Rourke thinks Joe Biden can win.


O' Rourke, once a Biden critic, ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic Presidential Nomination and dropped out of the race in November of 2019. He also lost in a very close election back in 2018 to Ted Cruz for to represent Texas in The United States Senate.


According to the Texas Chronicle, he told The Texas Democratic Party on a conference call that Texas is "Biden's to lose".

Biden currently has 66% of the Texas Latino vote, according to a University Of Houston- Univision News poll, and experts say that's enough to win the state.

Could history be made?

I did a google search and typed "Presidential Polls in Texas" the first one that popped up and the other ones I looked at say their margin of error is within 3% has either Trump winning or Biden winning by that same margin.

Remember you have to register to vote by Monday, October 5th to be eligible to vote in the November election for more information go here. 


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