A store in Belton is getting a nice bonus on Tuesday.

Via Texas Lottery
Via Texas Lottery

The Texas Lottery announced that it will present a ceremonial retailer bonus check, on Tuesday, to Longhorn Drive-in Grocery.

The store is at 2218 Holland Drive in Belton, and it'll receive a check for $160,000.

This is the store that sold the $16 million jackpot winning ticket for the Lotto Texas drawing held back on August 11th.

I've always wondered how this works. If you buy a ticket, then win the lottery, do you tip the person who sold you the ticket? Turns out that the store gets a bonus check for doing it's job. Does the owner then tip the employees that sold the ticket?

I get the feeling that the employees might get the shaft on this. Personally, if I were to win a take home of around $10 million, I'd definitely toss the clerk the max cash gift you can give, which is 14 or 15 thousand.

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