If you were making a new school, what would make the mascot? 

Belton ISD
Belton ISD

The Temple Daily Telegram is reporting that the Belton ISD board of trustees will making that, and a few other decisions, tonight.

According to the article they have narrowed the name down to 4 possibilities. "Lake Belton High School"..."Belton Lake High School"..."Belton Memorial High School"..."and "Belton Lakeview High School".

It seems they're thinking about going with another big cat as the brand. Personally, I think they should go with "Vigilantes". The backstory of the gang of local citizens in 1874 that broke into the jail and killed 9 out 10 vicious prisoners, including an axe murder. It's blood curdling. Plus, this way you can make the whole crowd the mascot. They could charge the field every game, win or lose.

School colors will also be on the agenda this evening. I'd go with Green & Blue. If you're talking about the lake, then blue would seem natural. But since Temple uses blue, I'd go with Green as the primary. But, since the school itself will be in Temple, I'd definitely keep the blue. What do you think the colors should be?

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