UPDATE: Belton New Tech High School Officials say police have cleared the campus and found no safety concerns.

The campus will remain open until 6 PM Friday night to allow students to retrieve their belongings.

Scary moment for parents of kids at Belton New Tech High School today.

It seems students at Belton New Tech High School at Waskow were moved to the Pittenger Fine Arts Center after a parent reported finding bomb making materials in their child's bedroom.

The report did not include any threats to the campus, but law enforcement recommended a thorough sweep of the school as a precaution.

Until law enforcement officials inform the District that the campus is clear, there will be no shuttles between Belton New Tech High School and Belton High. Student drivers will be allowed to travel to Belton High as scheduled.

Any parent wishing to pick up their child may do so at the entry to the Pittenger Fine Arts Center, 400 North Wall Street in Belton.

Some parents showed serious concern about kids at BECS. Parents with questions can call 254-215-2000.

These things are scary when it happens in another town, but the fright seems to hit a new level when you find out something might be wrong at your child's school. Let's hope this isn't anything more than a scare.



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