For those students who went to the Baylor vs Kansas game on Saturday and didn't follow the guidelines, they saw you, each and every one of you. Prepare to be tested.

Baylor University hosted Kansas in its first football game of the 2020 season on Saturday, and while fans were allowed to attend, most decided not to follow the guidelines set up by Baylor officials. The tv cameras were watching. Now the university has decided to randomly test students who attended the game for COVID-19.

Rules are rules, and there were rules set up before entering McLane stadium on Saturday. two of which were to wear a mask and keep a proper distance from the other groups. Not all who attended followed those rules, so Baylor has decided to randomly test 175 students each day from Wednesday through Friday, and an additional 75 students on Saturday. In all, about 600 students attended the game.

According to The Baylor Lariat, Baylor vice president for marketing and communications and chief marketing officer, Jason Cook, said in an email that this testing is mandatory.

“Any non-compliance will be sent to student conduct for handling. As we continue to prioritize the health and safety of our campus community and progress to the end of the semester on campus, we are randomly testing 600 students who attended last Saturday’s football game.”

Cook said that there were people there reminding students of the face mask requirement throughout the game. Those reminders were largely ignored, but not by all students. Some actually followed the protocol.

Let's hope the tests come back negative, and that students have learned a valuable lesson here. Baylor's next home game is October 17, when #18 Oklahoma St comes to town.

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