Meatloaf. It could very well be the best food ever. There really isn't a way to make it better, unless you wrap it in bacon.

After traveling across this great country for 3 days, I was treated with my Mom's famous meatloaf. It was well worth the trip. Now if she wrapped it in bacon, I might just begin to think about going back again. In 10 years.

People ask me why I don't make meatloaf in my own kitchen. It's easier to grill up a couple of burger then to dirty up a couple of cookie sheets would be the reason. Yep, what are the odds that a fat man is lazy in the kitchen.

"Oh, you dropped some cheese on the floor. Aren't you going to clean that up?"

"Nope. Not in my way, so why should I? Rats gotta eat too."

Here's a great meatloaf recipe for you, that is if you like beef, onions, bell peppers, and bacon. And if you don't, I'm going to need you to leave the country immediately...comrade.

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