Teams are fighting for a trip to the Super Bowl this weekend. If your team is still in the running, best treat yourself with this grilling idea.

The key to this cookout is the sauce. Beer Cheese might not work if you're watching the games at an A.A. meeting.

For starters, get the best Brats you can find, then make them better by wrapping them in bacon. Toss those tubes of heaven on the grill while you whip up the Cheese Sauce.

In a fry pan, melt some butter. Mix in some flour and stir. Then mix in some milk. (fart now if you're Lactous challenged.) It's at this point that you add the beer, so if you don't do beer, skip ahead to the seasoning.

Mustard, Garlic Powder, Kosher Salt, and Cayenne Pepper. Stir in some Sharp Chedder Cheese.

Throw the bacon wrapped brauts in a bun and dip to your clogged hearts content.



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