Maybe what we need right now is an asteroid to hit Earth to reset things. I'm kidding of course, but if asteroids are your thing, “Asteroid 2020 ND” will be passing dangerously by Earth on Friday.

According to The Indian Express, NASA says that “Asteroid 2020 ND” is classified as a PHA or Potentially Hazardous Asteroid because it's 185.914 feet long and traveling at almost 30,000 miles per hour. It's the distance from Earth that makes it so dangerous. “Asteroid 2020 ND” will be 0.034 astronomical units or about 3,160,497 miles to our planet.

Currently comet Neowise has been in view for the first time in 6,800 years and NASA just released some awesome footage of the comet from the International Space Station. You'll need to forward the video in about 3 minutes to see the comet but what a great video posted by NASA.

Check out Comet Neowise in tonight's sky at about 9:45pm just under the Big Dipper and don't worry about  “Asteroid 2020 ND”, NASA says we'll be fine but Bruce Willis is standing by just in case!

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